Senator Bilyk promoting reading to local Primary School children.

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People of the Channel and Huon Valley give generously in the lead up to the Festive Season

21 December 2012

Australian Women’s Land Army 70th anniversary

4 December 2012

Submissions now open for ABC Regional Production Inquiry

29 November 2012

Senate to Launch an Inquiry into ABC Production

23 November 2012

Tasmanian Senators and Members call on Mr Scott to reverse decision to shut the Tasmanian ABC Production Unit

22 November 2012

Realising the Power of Education

6 November 2012

Facebook Launches Anti-Bullying Campaign

2 November 2012

Guidelines to Address the Trauma of Childhood Abuse

 1 November 2012

Senator Catryna Bilyk raising awareness on brain tumours as part of International Brain Tumour Awareness Week

1 November 2012

Why do Some Senior Limit Internet Use?

30 October 2012 

Glen Dhu Primary attends 2012 Cyber-Safety Summit

25 October 2012

Senator Bilyk Launches 2012 Cyber-Safety Summit

25 October 2012

Senator Bilyk raising money with the Girls for the Cancer Council

16 October 2012

Outstanding Vocational Students to be Recognised

16 October 2012

Government Assists Pensioners in Digital Switchover

16 October 2012

Anti-Poverty Week Food and Gift Drive Launched!

15 October 2012

Committee to Discuss Research on Cybercrime and Seniors

9 October 2012

Cyber Scammers Caught

5 October 2012

Reading – A Skill For Life that We Can All Share

2 October 2012

Keeping Seniors' Online Health Records Safe

18 September 2012

Senator Bilyk backs Stop the Trolls Campaign

13 September 2012

Regular Internet Use Lowers Seniors' Cyber-Risk

11 September 2012

Tony Abbott’s $700m threat to Tasmania

11 September 2012

Senator Bilyk raising awareness on the dangers of asbestos

7 September 2012

Senator Bilyk welcomes the launch of eSmart Libraries

30 August 2012

Senator Bilyk congratulates schools on their participation in National Literacy and Numeracy Week

29 August 2012

Almost $8 Million of Lost Super Waiting to be Claimed in the Huon Valley

29 August 2012

$18 Million of Lost Super Waiting to be Claimed in Kingborough

29 August 2012

New Tools to Help Australians Track their Spending

16 August 2012

Franklin Schools Participate in YAG

8 August 2012

Cyber-Safety Committee in Hobart

7 August 2012

Tasmanian roundtable on seniors’ cyber-safety

6 August 2012

Senator Bilyk welcomes stakeholder engagement over FV Margiris

1 August 2012

Primary schools in Tasmania encouraged to advise the Government on cyber-safety

13 July 2012

Backing up BackMeUp

6 July 2012

THAT time of the year again!

5 July 2012

Senator Bilyk visits Channel Men’s Shed

5 July 2012

Seniors can be as cyber-savvy as anyone

26 June 2012

Building innovative accommodation for people with disability in Kingston

8 June 2012

Privacy Reform Laws Introduced Into Parliament.

28 May 2012

Senator Bilyk welcomes Public Library Membership Drive

22 May 2012

Progress for people with disability in Kingston.

22 May 2012

Cybersafety for Seniors in Melbourne.

17 May 2012

Senator Bilyk raises Ukrainian issues with the Foreign Minister, Senator Bob Carr.

9 May 2012

Home Sweet Home at Kingston - Uniting Church of Australia - Crosslights Newsletter.

9 May 2012

Libraries Help Seniors to be Cyber-Safe.

8 May 2012

Kingborough Seniors Urged to Speak Up About Online Concerns.

1 May 2012

Locals Urged to Show Support For the NDIS.

27 April 2012

Cybersmart film wins NY award.

19 April 2012

Supported Accommodation for People With Disability in Kingston.

4 April 2012

Together We Can Make Cancer History.

30 March 2012

Cyber-Safety Committee Focuses on Seniors.

27 March 2012

NBN deal a win for Tasmania.

26 March 2012

A Fair Go For Tasmanian Firefighters.

21 March 2012

Congratulations to Hobart College on diversity education program.

21 March 2012

Young Australians advise Government on Cyber-Safety.

19 March 2012

Are Australia's seniors ready for E-Health?

19 March 2012

Gillard Government says No Way to bullying.

16 March 2012

Brain Tumour Alliance Australia Newsletter - Special Edition 8 March 2012.

8 March 2012

Senator Catryna Bilyk takes the baton again.

7 March 2012

Money From Criminals Taken To Fund Tassie PCYC "Youth Plus" Program.

6 March 2012

Bright Future for St James Catholic College.

6 March 2012

Huon Valley PCYC Project Funded From Money Taken From Criminals.

6 March 2012

Labor Leadership.

25 February 2012

We Are All Responsible For Keeping Australia Great.

14 February 2012

Cybersafety in the Digital Schoolyard.

8 February 2012

Seniors Keeping Kids Safe Online.

7 February 2012

Privacy is Everyone's Business.

30 January 2012

Tony Abbott Offline About Cyber-Safety.

27 January 2012

Senator Bilyk welcomes new resources to keep young people safe online.

16 January 2012

Senator Bilyk pays tribute to Canberra Press Gallery Journalist Peter Veness

16 January 2012

Tasmanians' Generosity Shows True Spirit of Christmas

6 January 2012
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Latest News

St Aloysius Catholic College Fair

I was privileged to open this year's fair at St Aloysius Catholic College.
Nearly every school has a fair as a major fixture in their calendar - and not just for fundraising but for bringing the community together. It was lovely to see so many people brave the weather. 
Thank you for inviting me to open and congratulations on another successful fair.

13 November 2016

Parkinsons Australia

Last week I met with Parkinson's Australia CEO Steve Sant to discuss the issues that people living with Parkinson's face and how to improve their quality of life.

9 November 2016

Palliative Care Lunchbox Briefing

Pleased to chair a Lunchbox Briefing with Palliative Care Australia at Parliament House yesterday. Dr Peter Allcroft, Dr Linda Sheehan, Professor Ben White and Mr Simon Murphy engaged in a wide ranging conversation about the legal, ethical, and medical issues surrounding euthanasia and palliative care.

9 November 2016

Walk for Brain Cancer 2016

On Sunaday November 6, I was pleased to hold the third annual Walk for Brain Cancer Tasmania. We had over 300 walkers take part this year and raised over a staggering $40,000 to help end this insidious disease, which kills more Australian children than any other disease.  

6 November 2016

Barassi Debate 2016 Breakfast

The Lord’s Taverners Australia is a Federated autonomous organisation with branches in all States and Territories and approximately 3000 members. Since its inception in 1982, the organisation has raised and disbursed more than $10 million in cash and kind, with disbursements in 2012-13 in the order of $417,000 across a wide range of sports and recreational activities for disadvantaged or disabled young people.


20 August 2016

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