The Kids’ Cancer Project

Some people are simply an inspiration.

They do amazing things, just to help others.

Col Reynolds is one of these people. 25 years ago he decided to start a charity to support research into childhood cancer.

Since 1993, The Kids’ Cancer Project has raised over $36 million to assist childhood cancer research, which is a remarkable feat.

Today, the Kids Cancer Project committed $140,000 over 2 years to support access to clinical trials for Tasmanian children and Adolescent/Young Adult (AYA) cancer patients. The project will assist with the establishment of a state-wide Children’s and AYA Cancer Clinical Trials Unit at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

This will make an extraordinary difference to the lives of many Tasmanian children and AYA patients with cancer and their families.

Many families will no longer need to spend weeks or months separated while treatment is sought on the mainland, a stressful and expensive process that can be very difficult for families.

The children on the trials will be able to be treated in their home state, closer to friends and supportive family members.

More must be done to eradicate childhood cancers, but today’s announcement was a great step forward.

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