W4BC Tasmania

Get to your feet and join us for an inspirational 2km walk along the banks of North West Bay in Hobart.

This is a perfect walk for the whole family, with the mostly level track suitable for prams, and ample parking at the Dru Point Playground car park.

At the beginning of the walk a short memorial service will be held. Depending on the weather, paper cranes will be hung from a tree in memory of friends and loved ones who have died of brain cancer. Origami paper and instructions will be available if you would like to make a memorial crane and write a message on it. A limited quantity of ready-made cranes will be provided for those who have difficulty making their own. There will also be entertainment by the wonderful local musician Fiona Hutchison.

Remember to bring plenty of loose change – we will be having the usual raffle and sausage sizzle.Cure Brain Cancer Foundation merchandise will also be available for purchase.

“In 2008 I was diagnosed with and operated on for two brain tumours, thankfully both benign. Whilst my experience was relatively short compared to that of many, I have experienced the fear and uncertainty that comes with that diagnosis. Ever since, I have worked to do what I can to raise awareness of brain tumours and brain cancer and offer support in working for a cure. This fifth Tasmanian Walk4BrainCancer is one way of assisting this.”

–  Catryna Bilyk, organiser of Walk4BrainCancer Tasmania

Date | Sunday 4 November 2018

Registration | 11:00am

Start | 12:00pm (daylight savings time)

To register for the walk, click here