Cattle Hill Wind Farm Visit

The Cattle Hill Wind Farm, situated by the shore of Lake Echo, is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Tasmania.

I thoroughly enjoyed touring the site at the invitation of Goldwind Australia.

Some key facts about the Cattle Hill development:
– 48 turbines are being constructed
– the development employs around 200 workers
– when operational, it will generate just under 150MW, or about 5% of Tasmania’s electricity needs
– to help facilitate the movement of equipment, including the 69-metre-long blades, the proponent has invested about $10 million in local road improvements.

Labor knows that Australia’s energy future needs to be renewable and that Tasmania has a strong role to play in our renewable future.

We are committed to having 50% renewables in Australia’s energy mix by 2030. More information about Labor’s climate change and renewable energy policy is available at