Mothers Day

If you are celebrating with your mother today I would like to wish you a Happy Mothers’ Day!

I am lucky to still have my mum with me. At age 90 she is living independently, continues to drive herself around and still manages to volunteer regularly. I thank mum for raising me to have a similar outlook on life—to be resourceful, independent, resilient and to have a strong desire to volunteer, help others and do my part to make the world a better place.

For most people Mothers’ Day is a cause for celebration of the incredible contribution mothers make to raising their children. Unfortunately for many mothers, today can bring sad memories. Spare a thought today for the thousands of Australian mothers who have lost their children before, during or after birth. As the mother of a stillborn child I can understand the profound grief this causes, although I am fortunate to have also had two other wonderful children who are now adults.

If you know a bereaved mother, reach out to them this Mothers’ Day, say their child’s name, acknowledge their grief and acknowledge that – with or without other surviving children – they are still a mother.