Draconian charities regulation disallowed by the Senate

The Australian Senate just voted to disallow the Morrison Government’s charities governance regulation.

This draconian regulation allowed the charities commissioner to deregister charities for minor offences like blocking a public footpath at a demonstration, or for promoting an event at which such a minor offence occurred. It even introduced the Orwellian notion of a “thought crime” where the commissioner could deregister a charity because he ANTICIPATES an offence being committed!

Had the regulation taken effect, it would have cost the charities and not-for-profits sector millions of dollars in legal red tape and had a chilling effect on democracy and free speech. I delivered Labor’s argument in favour of the disallowance motion to the Senate remotely. The video below contains some brief excerpts from my speech.

The Liberals have spent eight years waging a war on charities. THE WAR MUST END. Charities and not-for-profits need an Albanese Labor government that is on their side.