Morrison Government’s vaccine bungle

The government that brought you Robodebt, the Census debacle and the botched COVIDSafe app rollout has let down Australians with yet another IT bungle. Almost 4,000 Tasmanian vaccinations had to be manually entered into the Australian Immunisation Register because the Morrison Government failed to make their systems compatible with the Tasmanian Department of Health’s software.

The bungle was revealed by Minister for Government Services, Linda Reynolds, after I wrote to her in July on behalf of affected Tasmanians, including aged care workers who needed their vaccine certificates.

With more and more Australians relying on their COVID vaccine certificates, they need to be reassured that the system is working, but the Minister refuses to answer simple questions. For example, are all the records affected are now up to date, and do they expect the same software glitch to affect future records?

Australians deserve answers. Watch the video below to hear my 2-minute statement to the Senate about this bungle and cover-up.