W4BC Tasmania

Get to your feet and join us for an inspirational 2km walk along the banks of North West Bay in Hobart.

This is a perfect walk for the whole family, with the mostly level track suitable for prams, and ample parking at the Dru Point Playground car park.

At the beginning of the walk a short memorial service will be held. Depending on the weather, paper cranes will be hung from a tree in memory of friends and loved ones who have died of brain cancer. Origami paper and instructions will be available if you would like to make a memorial crane and write a message on it. A limited quantity of ready-made cranes will be provided for those who have difficulty making their own. There will also be entertainment by the wonderful local musician Fiona Hutchison.

Remember to bring plenty of loose change – we will be having the usual raffle and sausage sizzle.Cure Brain Cancer Foundation merchandise will also be available for purchase.

“In 2008 I was diagnosed with and operated on for two brain tumours, thankfully both benign. Whilst my experience was relatively short compared to that of many, I have experienced the fear and uncertainty that comes with that diagnosis. Ever since, I have worked to do what I can to raise awareness of brain tumours and brain cancer and offer support in working for a cure. This fifth Tasmanian Walk4BrainCancer is one way of assisting this.”

–  Catryna Bilyk, organiser of Walk4BrainCancer Tasmania

Date | Sunday 4 November 2018

Registration | 11:00am

Start | 12:00pm (daylight savings time)

To register for the walk, click here

Save Tasmanian Forecasting Services

Labor stands shoulder to shoulder with Tasmanians who oppose the Morrison Government’s plans to move Tasmanian Bureau of Meteorology weather forecasting services to the mainland.

Emergency services, farmers, fishers, bushwalkers, boaters, surfers and the tourism industry rely on accurate, local forecasts.

To join the 2,500 Tasmanians who have called on the Government to keep Tassie weather forecasting local sign the petition at https://savetassieweather-juliecollins.nationbuilder.com/

Thank you to everyone who joined yesterday’s rally.

Mental Health Week

This Mental Health Week’s theme is ‘Stronger Together’ and it is a reminder of how we can support each other through inclusivity and understanding.

The aims of the week are to:

-raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing
-reduce stigma
-build resilience and foster understanding
-support wellbeing and self-care by promoting ways to maintain our mental health
-encourage individuals to seek help when they may need it

Please check out the wide variety of events happening across Tasmania at: https://www.mhct.org/events/

Visit to Tasmanian Distillery

Just visited the fantastic Old Kempton Distillery – one of 40 distilleries in Tasmania. Tasmanian whisky is gaining a global reputation for its quality and is attracting new visitors to our state. This is great for our regional economy. Old Kempton Distillery on its own employs 16 locals.

Thanks to James and the crew for their hospitality. If you’re a fan of whisky (or other spirits) and you’re traveling down the Midland Highway why not drop in and pay them a visit? And if you’re not a fan of whisky the scones and coffee are pretty good too.

Senate Committees

Committee work is a big part of the job of a Senator. These are the three public hearings I have participated in this week – all for different inquiries.

This work is not highly visible to the public, but the process of inviting submissions, speaking to witnesses and using that evidence to draw conclusions and make recommendations can have a huge impact on public policy.

Public hearings are an example of Parliament at its best, even if they don’t receive the media coverage of the combative exchanges and theatre of question time.

I would strongly encourage any member of the public who is interested in the topic of a particular inquiry to follow the public hearings. Sound recordings are taken of all proceedings and some are also video-recorded. These can be watched/listened to live online at http://parlview.aph.gov.au or if you miss a live broadcast you can watch the recording later.

The Brisbane public hearing of the Stillbirth Research and Education inquiry is live now.

Childhood Educators Fight for Fair Pay

Early childhood educators walked off the job today and rallied for equal pay. Workers in early childhood education, a female-dominated industry, receive around 30% less pay than male dominated industries with similar skills.

As a former early childhood educator, former union official and now a Senator I have campaigned for better pay and conditions for early childhood educators for about thirty years.

I congratulate United Voice for continuing the fight for equal pay with this campaign. A Labor Government will make sure our industrial relations system has the power to fix the pay gap and ensure women are able to participate in the workforce on equal terms with men.

Meeting with RESULTS AU

While Tuberculosis (TB) infections are at low levels in Australia, around 10.4 million people are still diagnosed with the disease worldwide each year.

Tragically, 200 people die every hour from TB around the world. That’s one every 18 seconds.

These deaths are avoidable and unacceptable.

We need to invest in preventing and treating TB, and this is the time to do so.

Better research and treatment options need to become available, particularly for those with drug resistant TB which need to take up to 14,600 toxic pills over 18 months to successfully treat the disease. If you laid these pills end to end they will stretch to almost twice the height of the Sydney Harbour bridge.

It was great to meet with members of @RESULTSAU who are working to eradicate TB and poverty more generally.