Walk4BrainCancer Virtual

Congratulations to Walk4BrainCancer Virtual on raising $1.65 million across Australia for Cure Brain Cancer.These are vital funds to support the Foundation’s advocacy, awareness-raising and research funding to help combat a cancer which has a five-year survival rate of just 22% and kills more Australian children than any other disease.Thank you to everyone who supported my walk including my fellow team members and our sponsors.

If anyone else wants to sponsor me please visit https://my.walk4braincancer.com.au/walk4bra…/catryna-bilyk

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Today – 15 October 2020 – marks Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Every year Australian families suffer over 2,000 stillbirths and over 100,000 miscarriages.

I am proud to have participated in the Senate inquiry into Stillbirth Research and Education along with my Labor colleagues Kristina Keneally and Senator Malarndirri McCarthy – Northern Territory, both of whom have continued to be strong advocates for parents of stillborn babies.

As a parent of a stillborn baby my participation in the inquiry was a painful reminder of my own tragedy yet a necessary contribution to public policy.The inquiry made important recommendations for reducing the rate of stillbirth in Australia and improving support for parents. Many of the inquiry’s recommendations remain unimplemented and this national crisis requires more attention and action from the Government.

If you know someone who is grieving the loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death please encourage them to contact one of the following organisations: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Australiahttps://www.pregnancylossaustralia.org.au/Stillbirth Foundation Australiahttps://stillbirthfoundation.org.au/Sands Australiahttps://www.sands.org.au/The Compassionate Friends Victoria Inc. (also covering Tasmania) – https://www.compassionatefriendsvictoria.org.au/

Anti Poverty Week

This week (11-17 October 2020) is Anti-Poverty Week.It is a great reminder of Labor’s commitment to repair 100,000 social housing properties.

Fixing problems like mould, leaking pipes, exposed wires and damaged floors, walls and ceilings will:- improve the health of tenants;- make houses more energy efficient, saving tenants money and helping the environment; and- create work for tradies across Australia.

Work could start almost immediately, employing plumbers, carpenters and electricians. This is what Labor would do if we were in government. This is what the Morrison Government should do right now.

Kingston Croquet Club Visit

Yesterday I visited the Kingston Croquet Club for the launch of their 2021 Croquet Calendar, the production of which has been assisted by my office.

Included in the photos below are committee members Patricia O’Neill, who came up with the idea of the calendar and Robbie Lee, who did the camera work.

A very welcoming, warm and friendly club! When you have to work on a weekend this is the most enjoyable kind of work you can do.

Lions Club of Kingborough Visit

This morning I dropped in on the Lions Club of Kingborough to see their popular toy sale at Brookfield Shed Margate.

I enjoyed having a chat with the Club members. I often assist the club with printing, prize donations, supporting their Anzac commemoration and sports day and promoting their events.

I’m happy to support a Club that does such great work in the Kingborough community and beyond.The toy sale will be running from 10am-2pm today and over the coming weekend.All proceeds will go towards supporting people recovering from the 2020 Australian bushfire crisis.

Huonville Bike Collective Pilot Program

Great to hear about the Risdon Vale Bike Collective’s plans to run a 12-month pilot of their program in Huonville with the generous support of the Obed Centre.
For many years the bike collective has been working with young Tasmanians to develop work and social skills, improve mental and physical health and build self-confidence.
They are also in discussions with potential partners to roll out the program to several other Tasmanian communities.
It was wonderful to hear their co-ordinator Ant Edler tell the stories of some of the young people whose lives have been transformed by this program.

COVID-19 Safety Cards Available

My office has some cards available which provide information about staying healthy and safe during the COVID-19 outbreak and who to contact for advice and support.
Copies are available in the foyer of my office or can be posted on request.
A big thank you toCOTA (Council On The Ageing) Tasmania
for supplying this valuable resource.

South Arm Mens Shed

I recently gave a donation to assist the fundraising efforts for the establishment of a new men’s shed at South Arm. Today I met with some of the 50+ members who are driving this project, along with my colleague Alison Standen MP, to discuss other ways we can assist them to get the shed started.
The photo below was taken at the proposed site of the shed. Julie Collins MP and David O’Byrne MP also made contributions towards the project but unfortunately had to send their apologies for the meeting.
Thanks to the South Arm Peninsula Residents Association Inc for also supporting this wonderful project.
The men’s shed movement started as a way of improving men’s health by helping them open up about their issues in an environment where they feel comfortable doing so. I know from visiting several other sheds that they can be life-changing, and in some cases life-saving.

Reconciliation Action Plan

I have recently volunteered to be one of the

Australian Labor Party‘s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) champions.
In preparation for this role, I joined a very informative cultural learning webinar with Northern Territory parliamentarian Karl Hampton MLA on the role of Walpiri cultural business in his life. Thank you, Karl, for your time and the knowledge you imparted.
I am looking forward to my role as a RAP champion and seeing what contribution I can make to progressing reconciliation with First Nations people.