Fresh attacks on Medicare

Attacking Medicare is in the Liberals’ DNA.

They have done it for decades.

They tried to introduce a GP Tax to make you pay more to see a doctor and they cut billions from Medicare by extending the funding freeze.

Now, in the midst of a pandemic, the Morrison Government is trying to sneak through almost 1,000 changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

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Mothers Day

If you are celebrating with your mother today I would like to wish you a Happy Mothers’ Day!

I am lucky to still have my mum with me. At age 90 she is living independently, continues to drive herself around and still manages to volunteer regularly. I thank mum for raising me to have a similar outlook on life—to be resourceful, independent, resilient and to have a strong desire to volunteer, help others and do my part to make the world a better place.

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Brain Cancer & Tumour Awareness Month

May is Brain Cancer & Tumour Awareness Month, also known as Brain Cancer & Tumour Action Month. Several brain cancer and tumour charities and advocacy groups are urging people to ‘Go Grey in May’ for brain cancer and tumour awareness. This means wearing grey clothes or a grey awareness ribbon.

I survived two brain tumours in 2008 and am currently living with another (3rd) brain tumour. Going grey in May is a way to help raise awareness of the shocking outcomes for patients of brain cancer, which has a five-year survival rate of just over 20%, kills more young Australians aged 18-40 than any other cancer and kills more Australian children then any other disease. It’s a little known fact that ‘benign’ brain tumours can also be life-threatening.

We have still have a long way to go towards understanding, treating and one day curing brain cancers and tumours. That’s why raising funds for community education, research and advocacy is vital.

For more information about brain cancers and tumours you can visit the websites of the following organisations:

Cure Brain Cancer

Brain Tumour Alliance Australia (BTAA) Foundation-

Robert Connor Dawes

Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer Foundation

Medical Update

Hi everyone.

Prior to Christmas I was diagnosed with a slow-growing meningioma (brain tumour). My treating medical professionals are monitoring its progress but at this stage it does not pose a serious threat to my health.

I do however need to undertake some other treatment which means I am taking a short leave of absence from Parliament. I look forward to returning in the near future.

I am still available to serve my Tasmanian constituents so if you have any issues or queries I can help with please feel free to contact my office.

I’d like to remind anyone who wishes to support brain cancer or brain tumour patients to please donate to Cure Brain Cancer.

Thanks to everyone who has shown care and support.